CAMPBELL CONROY & O'NEIL, PC - Charlestown, MA    (Feb 2013 to present)
Director of IS/IT, CISO
Reporting to the board of directors with fiscal and administrative responsibility for the IT infrastructure, business application portfolio, communication services, cloud strategy, and security posture of all firm related technology and information services. Leading the team responsible for providing IT service delivery and operational support for the firm’s end users, partners, clients, and trial teams in our MA, PA, FL, and executive home offices via on-site/desk-side visits and remote support.

Working with vendors and partners to scope and implement ongoing improvements and upgrades to the existing infrastructure with an emphasis on improving stability and performance. Completed an ERP/Practice Management System migration from Rainmaker to ProLaw with subsequent major upgrades, implementation of vendor add-ons, third-party integrations, and custom executive reports. Implemented cloud-based solutions for content management, file transfers, email filtering, and an on premise Exchange to Office 365 migration. Managed data transfer and integration to support acquisition of a competing firm.

Other completed projects include a SSL-VPN rollout, two-factor auth, phone system upgrade to VOIP, new backup systems, ISP cutovers, software upgrades across the business application portfolio, and upgrades to networking, servers, storage, and printers. Developed policies for Paperless Processing, BYOD, Cyber Security, Written Information Security Program (WISP), and Security Incident Plan. Performed client security self-assessments and executed remediation plans to improve compliance.
RSM MCGLADREY, LLP - Charlestown, MA    (Sep 2010 to Nov 2012)
ITO Project Manager
Managed IT projects for consulting clients including infrastructure improvements, virtualization, Exchange upgrades, software development, and Office 365 email migrations for the fifth largest U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services. Produced proposals and quotes to drive client approval of new projects.

Delivered direct client IT services including technology advisory, firewall deployments, ISP cutovers, and Office 365 migrations. Provided clients with software development services including project management, website and application design review, vendor selection, and QA testing. Supported helpdesk operations for ITO clients via remote access and onsite visits. Assisted with administration of client’s cloud environments including Rackspace, Moodle, and Salesforce.

Served as Director of Software Development on a client’s cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development project for a marketing services company reporting to the CIO and CFO. Managed project budget and staffing plan for two off-shore development teams and implemented cloud-based infrastructure to support both development and production environments. Performed internal security review of application and infrastructure architecture for a third-party Vendor Security Plan and provided recommendations for remediation of deficiencies.

Planned and implemented a client’s migration from on-premise email to Office 365 online mail service. Wrote training materials, setup a SharePoint Online training portal, and delivered user training on email, instant messaging, and SharePoint.
INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT - Salem, NH       (Aug 2009 to Sep 2010)
Project Manager / Business Analyst
Consulted with businesses and non-profits on short term projects including website design and development, email  and social media marketing, business analysis and  reporting, Windows 7 migration, business systems integration, and helpdesk support.
DYNAMIC NETWORK SERVICES, INC. - Manchester, NH      (Jul 2005 to Jul 2009)
Network Operations Manager (Jan 2008 – Jul 2009)
Directed the dev ops team responsible for the care and feeding of the organization’s worldwide anycasted network delivering the DYN Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform providing DNS, email security, and XenServer hosting for enterprise, small business, and personal users across 12 international datacenters.

Delivered projects included deployment of new colocation sites, upgrades to live service architecture, formalizing operational policies and procedures, performing forensic discovery for subpoenas/NSLs, and PCI compliance.

Provided internal end-user helpdesk support for Windows, BSD/Linux, and Mac clients, and tier-3 customer service escalations for the customer support group.
Technical Project Manager (Jul 2005 - Dec 2007)
Managed the software development staff and projects and acted as lead software architect/designer of large scale development projects. Managed QA, release, and testing staff in support of project launches and provided tier-2 and tier-3 service escalations for the customer support group.

Managed design, development, and deployment of a distributed IaaS DNS service to 12 international data centers in support of the launch of the new Dynect business unit, providing a 1 year ROI and 20% of total corporate revenue after 2 years. The service enabled the startup to gain dominance in the hosted DNS market and ultimately lead to the company’s acquisition by Oracle.

Designed a web based e-commerce billing system handling over 18,000 transactions per month and enabling 80% growth of sales volume within the first 3 years from launch.
JESSICA’S BRICK OVEN, INC. - Woburn, MA    (Aug 2003 to Jun 2005)
Director of Business Operations
Responsible for day-to-day management of information systems, business application development, and sales and marketing activities for a commercial wholesale bakery, reporting to the President. Developed production tools for bakery management and custom QuickBooks reports for business analysis and customer support. Lead sales efforts to establish new customers in unproductive regions. Produced marketing materials for sales, marketing, and mass media advertising. Implemented UPC barcodes for retail packaging of products. Developed application to produce nutrition panel data based on ingredient formulas.
DT ENTERPRISES – Milton, MA    (Nov 2002 - Jul 2003)
Developed ASP.NET/C# based application to apply AI analysis to greyhound performance history for race outcome prediction. Project incorporated both windows and web forms applications utilizing IIS and Server 2000.
MIRROR IMAGE INTERNET, INC. - Woburn, MA    (Jul 1999 - Aug 2002)
Software Development Manager (Streaming Services)
Senior manager responsible for delivering the MII Streaming Media Content Distribution Network (CDN) service line and managing related staff and projects, reporting to the Sr. VP of Engineering. Designed and helped develop the MII stream delivery architecture comprised of enterprise class media servers, web servers, and storage servers (SAN/NAS) running at 22 locations worldwide. Designed content distribution process to stage streaming content at delivery nodes. Managed system engineering, integration, and development to implement Avid’s Trilligent cluster and a content management system based on ASP.NET and SQLServer. Defined the phased development process methodology governing all software projects.
ZDNET, INC. - Cambridge, MA    (Aug 1998 - Apr 1999)
Web Development Manager
Managed web development projects and staff for ZDNet’s e-commerce site, Designed and implemented a data warehouse for product and web site activity reporting. Developed a data driven process to convert product specifications from a national distributor. Architected an Oracle-based production system to process and categorize vendor data, and a data dictionary driven system to update an Oracle development DB from a MySql production DB.
PIVOTPOINT, INC. - Woburn, MA    (Jan 1992 - Aug 1998)
Customer Funded Development (CFD) Manager (Oct 1997 – Aug 1998)
Provided hands-on management of a virtual business unit to provide custom solutions with the standard Pivotpoint manufacturing enterprise software suite. Worked with customers, consultants and sales team using Joint Application Development methodology to define customer requirements and negotiate contracts. Designed, coded, tested and installed CFD projects as required. Managed design and development of Web-based applications using Sapphire/Web, an early application server, to integrate Internet functionality with an ERP/CRM application. Developed applications for Pivotpoint corporate web site for customer support and business development.
Senior Development Manager (May 1996 – Oct 1997)
Conceived, designed and developed Pivotpoint’s first to market ERP Internet project, integrating both e-mail and the Web with existing applications. Acted as core team member to define an ISO-9000 development methodology and managed pilot project for proof of concept. Identified, evaluated, and integrated third-party technology with Pivotpoint applications.
MIS Manager (Nov 1995 - May 1996)
Managed MIS department serving 200+ users in a multi-site, heterogeneous network environment. Developed implementation strategy for corporate Internet connectivity and web presence. Managed purchasing of IT related products and services under a $750,000 annual budget.
Database Administrator / Network Administrator (Jan 1994 - Nov 1995)
Performed DBA duties for Oracle, Sybase, and SQLBase RDBMS’s on multiple platforms. Co-architected source control process for multi-platform development, test, and production environments. Designed a database-driven application for software configuration and packaging. Developed course materials and instructed clients in database administration.
Software Engineer / Project Leader (Jan 1992 - Jan 1994)
Designed, developed, tested, maintained, installed, configured, and supported applications for an enterprise software suite. Consulted with customers on database administration, performance tuning and database design. Wrote and presented whitepapers including Database Admin, Performance Tuning, Client/Server Technology, and GUI Design.

M/A-COM, INC. - Lowell, MA    (Sep 1988 - Oct 1991)
Design Engineer / Product Engineer - Custom Hybrids Lab
Designed, laid-out, prototyped and tested high frequency MIC amplifiers and temperature compensation stages. Provided technical test support, designed and built test control hardware, and wrote procedures and methods for complete testing of thin film networks. Supported engineering and production builds of thin-film open hybrids, IR&D sub-projects, and engineering assembly and test personnel. Wrote FORTRAN programs and Excel Macros to aid in circuit design process. Maintained multiple personal computer systems. SECRET clearance.