Business Operations

  • Lead the IT team responsible for providing day to day helpdesk and operational support for a law firm’s end users, clients, and trial teams within a multi-office environment via on-site/desk-side visits and remote support.
  • Managed network operations for an Internet services company providing 24x7 monitoring, support, and ongoing maintenance for 12 domestic and international data centers.  Defined and documented operational policies and procedures for internal and external activities. 
  • Managed data transfer and integration to support acquisition of a competing firm.
  • Performed security self-assessments for firm clients.
  • Managed MIS projects and staff for an enterprise software company with 6 remote offices.
  • Performed internal security review of a clients SaaS application and infrastructure architecture for a third-party Vendor Security Plan and provided recommendations for remediation of deficiencies.
  • Worked with online monitoring services and auditors to certify financial records processing and ensure PCI compliance for a $6M internet services company.
  • Worked with state and federal law enforcement agencies to perform data forensics for subpoenas and National Security Letters.
  • Managed all back office operations including sales, marketing, accounting, and IT for a $5M commercial bakery.
  • Managed bakery sales and marketing efforts resulting in a 35% increase in revenue over previous year sales.
  • Negotiated $1M+ software licensing contracts in support of infrastructure buildout for an internet services company.
  • Evaluated business and technology opportunities for a holding company specializing in Internet related investments and acquisitions.

IT Implementation & Services

  • Managed the IT infrastructure, business application portfolio, communication services, cloud strategy, and security posture for a leading law firm.
  • Worked with vendors and partners to scope and implement ongoing improvements and upgrades to the existing infrastructure with an emphasis on improving stability and performance.
  • Implemented cloud-based solutions for content management, file transfers, email filtering, and an on premise Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Implemented a helpdesk system to provide ticketing, inventory tracking, monitoring and a knowledgebase for IT staff and end users.
  • Completed an accounting system migration from Rainmaker to Prolaw for a leading law firm with multiple subsequent major release upgrades. Implemented vendor add-on products, third-party integrations, and custom reports to support business needs.
  • Lead hardware refresh projects for virtual hosts, backup platforms, office MFC printers, and wifi networking for a multi-office law firm.
  • Managed client focused IT projects including infrastructure improvements, virtualization, Exchange upgrades, software development, and Office 365 email migrations for the fifth largest U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services.
  • Managed a Windows 7 migration project for a financial services company with over 300 Windows laptops in a Windows server environment.
  • Managed a live migration of DNS, email, and ecommerce services between datacenters.
  • Managed domestic and international deployment of new datacenters for a internet services company.
  • Architected and deployed a $7M internet streaming media architecture to 22 locations worldwide with the capability to provide up 20,000 concurrent streams and 21+ TB of online video content delivery per month.

Software Development

  • Served as Director of Software Development for a client producing an online survey and SaaS data analysis tool.  Implemented a cloud-based infrastructure to support the production deployment of the initial product release.
  • Managed design, development, and deployment of a distributed IaaS DNS service to 12 international data centers in support of the launch of a new business unit, providing a 1 year ROI and 20% of total corporate revenue after 2 years. The service enabled the startup to gain dominance in the hosted DNS market and ultimately lead to the company’s acquisition by Oracle.
  • Designed and developed distributed backup system for databases, SVN repositories, and system files archiving over 15 GB daily.
  • Designed a web based e-commerce billing system handling over 18,000 transactions per month and enabling 80% growth of sales volume within the first 3 years from launch.
  • Developed application to generate daily bakery production sheets reducing preparation time by 2 hours per day.
  • Designed and developed a data-driven automated process to convert product specifications for leading online product recommendation engine, providing 1000% increase in monthly product listings growth.
  • Managed development and customization of an enterprise software suite from initial concept through five major releases. 
  • Defined Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process for all software development projects for an internet services company.
  • Conceived and delivered the First-to-Market integration of Internet functionality with an ERP solution.

Team Management

  • Managing internal system administration, helpdesk, and outsourced consulting resources in support of multiple offices for a leading law firm.
  • Lead the network operations team for an internet services company providing internal desktop support for Windows, Linux, and Mac clients as well as 24x7 support for the company's global network of 12 data centers running FreeBSD and Linux servers. Created a knowledgebase to help develop and train staff.
  • Managed an interdisciplinary development team supporting design, development and implementation of a $22M internet services architecture.
  • Managed developers and projects for an online product review and recommendation engine.
  • Managed MIS projects and staff for a software company with 6 remote offices and over 250 Windows clients.

Non-Profits and Education

  • Mentored students in robotics construction and programming at a Manchester, NH middle school under a corporate sponsored FIRST Lego League program.
  • Developed website, social media communication strategies and email marketing materials for a local school funding advocacy group that helped pass a $22M school renovation bond.
  • Managed design, development, and maintenance of PTA website for an elementary school PTA.  Supporting public relations activities for the PTA via event photography, local newspaper outreach, and social media communications.